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I am a Bilingual Graphic Designer with providing experience in marketing and advertising campaigns for different kinds of products and brand development. Knowledge of Social Media design to develop strategies for Internet markets designing campaigns applied in social networks; also, I have achieved excellent experiences in packaging design, creating designs for different kinds of industries.
Outstanding record projects of graphic design, workflow from original creative concept through production to press or digital ad, and tracking assignments to meet schedules and budgets. Experience in printing techniques (Screen printing, Digital Printing, Offset litho printing). Extensive knowledge and experience in Adobe Creative Cloud and other design App on PC and Mac platforms. Extremely detail-oriented when working on projects to reach exceptional designs.
I am a born developer and creator, capable of presenting well-structured ideas and creating creative solutions to any graphic problem. I feel able to adapt quickly to the customers contributing to concrete ideas and opinions, my broad general knowledge and passion are advantageous. I complete my projects effectively, and my high level of competitiveness tends to increase the quality of the products of the company or organization for which I work.


My work history in my past 20 years

  • 1997-2013

    Parmalat/Lactalis Group

    Caracas - Venezuela

    As head of the Graphic Department, I worked directly with the Marketing department designing trending advertising and marketing campaigns for consumers. Creating different types of packaging to appeal to consumers. I Supervised directly on all printing materials and processes. Maintained high quality visual and brand identity in all products.

  • 2015-2016

    Passion Parties, Inc

    Las Vegas - Nevada

    Drove design projects and bilingual digital campaigns (Spanish, English) to advance targeted marketing goals and consumer base. Developed visuals and annual catalog. Progressive accountability in the graphic department, developing successful advertising campaigns for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Email Blast, (Mailchimp) in English and Spanish, and in charge of developing the annual catalog, as well as the main image of the conventions of the sales force nationwide.

  • 2017-2018

    JCM Global, Inc

    Las Vegas - Nevada

    Created campaigns and marketing collateral. Established rapport with the brand. • Selected by the company for a second consecutive year to generate graphics for a successful advertising campaign (golf tournament); increased audience size and secured additional sponsorship from across country. • Promoted launch of the global product via compelling After Effects video

  • 2018-2019

    Gaming Partner International, Inc

    Las Vegas - Nevada

    I Produced visuals from initial concept to layout and final design; communicated ideas to international audiences across casinos worldwide through innovative, special projects. Ensured consistency in brand identity. •Headed special Gaming tabletop and chips design to commemorate events (incl. World Poker Tour)

  • 2019-March, 2020

    TCS JhonHuxley America, Inc

    Las Vegas - Nevada

    I designed original artwork for casino gaming tables top to attract and engage customers, as well as to promote audience retention at the establishment.

  • 2021 - current

    Vox Nutrition

    West Jordan - Utah

    I am responsible for designing practical and attractive artwork labels for the products offered by the company to third-party clients, designing in both languages.


I have multiple years directing graphic design projects and advertising campaigns for Spanish and English-speaking customers across industries including entertainment (gaming, casinos), foods, sports, and retail, I have honed my skills in social media, networking, product design, marketing, and promotions to aid companies in achieving targeted initiatives and reach a broader audience.

3D / Video Design

3D Advertising Design for brands and services, using Autodesk Maya 3D, and Cinema 4D app tools. Creating videos with Adobe After Effects for product presentation or advertising promotions.

Social Media Design

Design and creativity for social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.).

Packaging Design

Design and create functional packaging and labels for different products or brands for foods, beauty, pharmaceutical, promotional, and household.

Web/UX Design

Design and development of responsive websites (Desktop and mobiles).  Design and creation of UX mobile applications using Axure RP9 App.


In this section, I want to show part of my history as a graphic designer in my last 25 years. There have been many designs, unfortunately not all of them I could place, but I think that with these, they can serve as a reference for my designs. I hope you like it






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Social Media


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